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"Within the chaos of filming, there is madness, within the madness there is a team of great people coming together to make the impossible possible." - me

I moved to California in hopes of working in film, but quickly realized that my path was much different than most. I've always been a writer and have had many interests from screenwriting to short stories to a novel and journalism. So as I worked in a cubicle full time and attended school full time trying to find some way to meet people in film, I began as a music journalist for several mid-size publications in Northern California interviewing midsize to large metal and hard rock bands before calling it quits because the passion that I so desired I wasn't getting with journalism, I KNEW I needed film. 

So in 2012 I sought out other like-minded people and ran across a group of local Sacramento film makers that had the same passion as me, and one in particular - my soon to be business partner Geoff Foley believed in my writing and believed in me as a Director. So after a few long but great years of learning and more learning and getting the chops I so needed on short films and learning the business - here I am finally setting out to Direct my first feature film - "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie," the trailer for which can be found on the home page.

In 2016 I started working freelance as a cinematographer creating interesting and unique commercials, promo videos, and doing event work in video or photos, so contact me today and let's talk about your great next project!


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