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Great article from the guys over at Camp Counseling!

March 2015

Published By AJ



Film saved my life – I’ll believe that till the day I die. I’m a 32 year old rock n’ roll filmmaker – I love my music heavy and dirty, just like I enjoy my films – heavy and dirty, but with substance. I believe characters can make any story work as long as you have strong enough characters to drive the story forward and keep it interesting. I’m tattooed -- not because it’s cool -- and you’ll find everything on my body has a deep rooted meaning to me, I’m  flawed in almost every sense of the word, and I have an affinity for the outrageous, but sometimes mundane. Did I lose you yet? [read more...]

"All press is good press!"

Old article from my very first film!

June 2011

Published By Ross Farrow @ Lodi Sentinel



If all goes well, it looks like Lodi will be in the movies once again.

And if you ever see a movie called "Flesh Trauma" and find a scene that looks like the interior of the Water Hole, that's because it is the Water Hole, a small bar on Cluff Avenue at Victor Road.


"I love it; it's my kind of bar," said Josh Pierson, the film's director and writer, who is based in Sacramento.

[read more...]

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